Wow Designs

Wow Wall Tiles, Ensō Collection,Suki, Multi Color,5”x5”

“Nakama” and its decors “Wabi” and “Kintsugi”, are inspired in the rustic simplicity, stillness and the imperfect quality of any object that gives elegance to the whole.

“Karui” and its decor “Suki”, combine shine, freshness and tradition with the warmth of nature.

EnsŌ, ancestral symbol within the Zen Buddhism that means: Circle. They prepare themselves for years to make the Enso just once in a single stroke, capturing the essence of who makes it. Represents the enlightenment, elegance and emptiness and it is linked to the minimalism. Circle that does not lack or has anything left over, as it embodies perfection.

“Nakama” y sus decorados “Wabi” y “Kintsugi”, se inspiran en la simpleza rústica, la quietud y la cualidad imperfecta de cualquier objeto que le da la elegancia al todo.