Lapitec Sintered Stone, Essenza Collection, Terra Ebano

Natural beauty, for nature.

Lapitec is a 100% natural and sustainable material made from minerals without toxic additives or petroleum derivatives. The visual result is strongly reminiscent of natural stone, as is the touch. Available in multiple surface finishes, the sintered stone can be perfectly polished or extremely rough (for poolside paving) or even slightly bush-hammered, giving a material and soothing effect and the impression of being immersed in an authentic and natural environment to fully enjoy moments of wellbeing.

Launched in 2019, this collection offers a new take on veining, which runs the whole way through each slab; the veining can be seen on the surface and throughout the thickness of each slab and, above all, in the heart of the material. Purity, versatility and “full-bodied” solidness in a single collection: a revolution that breaks down all barriers.

Finishes: Arena, Lithos, Lux, Satin, Vesuvio

Made in Italy