Laminam, Porcelain Slabs, I Naturali collection, Statuarietto Book Match

The sophisticated dazzling white background of the ceramic Statuarietto Book Match is traversed by fine grey veins, which bring incredible finesse and delicacy to design projects, while maintaining the distinctive elegance of one of the most luxurious stones in Italian architecture, Statuario Marble. Cladding as a work of art: Statuarietto Book Match slabs installed as flooring and cladding are assembled with a ‘mirror-image’ pattern, matching up the warp and weft of the naturally intertwining veins of the white marble extracted from natural quarries. The sophisticated aesthetic of Laminam surfaces in the I Naturali series is complemented by its outstanding technical properties, which make the Statuarietto Book Match marble slabs extremely long-lasting and high-performance, even when used as furniture. This ceramic slab is perfect for use in more delicate spaces, in which cleanliness is of paramount importance. Hygienic by nature, it is low maintenance, easy to clean and is not affected by contact with chemical products. Statuarietto Book Match is available in the Natural or Polished finishes and is available in the large size slab measuring 1620x3240 mm in Laminam 12+ thickness, ideal for enhancing the marble-effect surface with the delicate Book Match technique.


Technical details

All the surfaces in the I Naturali series are distinguished by the technical excellence of Laminam; they are resistant to impact, stains and scratches. The versatility of ceramic means the surfaces retain their specifications even when they are exposed to heat, frost and UV rays, with an average water absorption of 0.1%. I Naturali is a totally natural product that is entirely food-safe because it does not release elements in a solution (even in the event of a fire) and does not allow mould and mildew to form.

SIZES / THICKNESSES: 1620x3240mm (63.7" x 127.5") / Laminam 12+

FINISHES: Natural, Polished

Made in Italy