Laminam, Porcelain Slabs, I Naturali collection, Pietra Grey

Pietra Grey is inspired by the grey calcite variety of marble. With a smooth, compact appearance, its uniform background evokes shades of coal and graphite. A combination of fine white veins and the subtlest of slate-coloured linear washes suggests verve and elegance. Its grey marble appearance is ideal for flooring and cladding in contemporary settings where the aim is to emphasise the extraordinary aesthetic impact of this natural element. Pietra Grey brings restrained elegance to any space, without sacrificing modernity; the colour balance between its dark background and the fine lines running across it reaches its full expression in the large slab sizes of 1000×3000 mm, 1620×1620 mm and the spectacular 1620×3260 mm. There are two finishes available (Natural or Polished) in related thicknesses (Laminam 3/3+, Laminam 5/5+, Laminam 12+ e 20+). Pietra Grey in the Natural finish benefits from the R9 anti-slip rating, further expanding its range of use to include residential and commercial settings exposed to water. The same flexibility of design extends to the Bocciardato finish, in size 1000×3000 mm in Laminam 5 thickness, which benefits from theR10 anti-slip finish, making Laminam ceramic material extremely versatile, ideal as stone-effect exterior cladding, particularly to create visual continuity between indoors and out.


Technical details

All the surfaces in the I Naturali series are distinguished by the technical excellence of Laminam; they are resistant to impact, stains and scratches. The versatility of ceramic means the surfaces retain their specifications even when they are exposed to heat, frost and UV rays, with an average water absorption of 0.1%. I Naturali is a totally natural product that is entirely food-safe because it does not release elements in a solution (even in the event of a fire) and does not allow mould and mildew to form.

SIZES / THICKNESSES: 1000x3000mm (39.4" x 118.1") / Laminam 3 1000x3000mm (39.4" x 118.1") / Laminam 3+ 1620x1620mm (63.7" x 63.7") / Laminam 5+ 1620x3240mm (63.7" x 127.5") / Laminam 5 1620x3240mm (63.7" x 127.5") / Laminam 5+ 1620x3240mm (63.7" x 127.5") / Laminam 12+ 1620x3240mm (63.7" x 127.5") / Laminam 20+

FINISHES: Natural, Bocciardato, Polished

Made in Italy