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Lightweight and delicate, the veins characterising Bianco Lasa are so graceful and deliberate in their movement in all directions across the surface as to appear almost hand-drawn. They seem almost to ask permission to cross the slab, contrasting and accentuating its pure white. This is perhaps precisely where the magic of marble lies, from which the I Naturali ceramic series draws its inspiration. Elegant and charming, Bianco Lasa needs no introduction: it speaks for itself. Widely used for furniture such as tables, bathroom units, kitchen or bathroom countertops, it is particularly effective installed in interiors as cladding, especially in the Polished finish. This high-gloss, reflective surface brings light to spaces and conveys an immediate sense of cleanliness and hygiene. Laminam offers the Bianco Lasa slab in the large sizes of 1000x3000 mm and 1620x3240 mm and in the three main surface finishes: Natural, Bocciardato, Polished. Depending on the sizes and finishes selected, thicknesses vary from Laminam 3/3+ and Laminam 5 to Laminam 12+.


Technical details

All the surfaces in the I Naturali series are distinguished by the technical excellence of Laminam; they are resistant to impact, stains and scratches. The versatility of ceramic means the surfaces retain their specifications even when they are exposed to heat, frost and UV rays, with an average water absorption of 0.1%. I Naturali is a totally natural product that is entirely food-safe because it does not release elements in a solution (even in the event of a fire) and does not allow mould and mildew to form.

SIZES / THICKNESSES: 1000x3000mm (39.4" x 118.1") / Laminam 3
1000x3000mm (39.4" x 118.1") / Laminam 3+
1620x3240mm (63.7" x 127.5") / Laminam 12+

FINISHES: Natural, Bocciardato, Polished

Made in Italy