Elysium Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Calacatta Gris, Multi-color, 24" x 24"

This Calacatta Gris 24x24 pressed porcelain tile comes in a polished finish.

The tile uses inkjet technology, which has transformed porcelain tiles by making it possible for more realistic reproductions of other surface materials (examples include stone and wood). This tile has 9 prints/faces.

"PEI" is the abbreviation for Porcelain Enamel Institute. A PEI Rating (scale from 1-5) is given to a tile product based the hardness of its glaze. This hardness is determined by the manufacturer using a standardized test. The results of this test will determine the proper usage of a product. This tile is rated at 4 PEI, suitable for residential, medium commercial, and light institutional applications (examples include restaurants, hotels, hospital lobbies, and corridors).

The benefits of porcelain include durability, liquid resistance, stain resistant, low maintenance, and an affordable alternative to natural stone that looks beautiful wherever it is installed.
Series Carrara
Type Porcelain Tiles
Thickness 3/8 in (8 mm)
Weight Per Piece 18.00 Lbs
Edge Pressed
Country of Origin Spain
Finish Polished
Colors White