American Olean

American Olean Ceramic Floor Tile, Windmere Collection, Multi-Color, 18x18

An impeccable blend of smooth concrete and weathered stone, Windmere by American Olean® modernizes a traditional look to create a minimalist design. Enjoy simplicity with an essence of sophistication, expanding your scope of design with a full assortment of floor and wall sizes. A soothing, monochromatic color palette finishes the look, making Windmere the ideal choice for versatility.

TILE THICKNESS: 5/16" (18 x 18, 12 x 12, 10 x 14, 4 x 12), 3/8" (12 x 24), 1/4" Mosaic
MINIMUM GROUT JOINT RECOMMENDATION: Floor: 3/16" (Overlap should not exceed 33% when installing tile with a length 15" or greater in a staggered brick-joint pattern.)
Wall: (10 x 14) 1/16" (4 x 12) 1/16" (When rectangular size is installed in a staggered brick-joint pattern, overlap should not exceed 33%.)
Mosaic: 1/8"