American Olean

American Olean Colorbody Porcelain Polished Tile, Ultra Modern Collection, Multi-Color, 24x24

With a contemporary visual and an appealing commercial color palette, Ultra Modern is sure to become a go-to product for large-scale projects requiring a combination of form, function, and cost efficiency. Ultra Modern offers a consistency of visual that minimalist design schemes demand. TruEdge rectification means tighter grout joints while two surface treatments—polished and unpolished—offer design versatility. Six hues ranging from Infinite Cream to Futuristic Black comprise the sophisticated color.

MINIMUM GROUT JOINT RECOMMENDATION: 1/8" (3/16" when rectangular sizes are used in a staggered brick-joint pattern where the overlap does not exceed 33%) 12 x 24 and 24 x 24 can be used in modular pattern only with 1/16" grout joint.