Fondovalle, Toka Collection, Concrete Look, Porcelain Stoneware Slabs, Cliff, Multi-size

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The power of nature and its materials is shaped into a new surface that combines tradition and modernity: Toka includes the essence of materials such as cement, cotto and natural stones and translates it into ceramic tiles with contemporary colours, shapes and graphics. A mix of minimal mood textures that makes each item unique, enriching it with details and decorations of different inspirations: while urban style graphics define surfaces dedicated to metropolitan spaces, the Majolica inspired patterns oscillate harmoniously between contemporary dynamism and the charm of the past. Toka is the ideal solution for indoor and outdoor residential and commercial environments.


8x80 . 3.15"x31.5"
Battiscopa Cliff
Natural rectified

40x80 . 15.75"x31.5"
Gradino Lineare L Cliff
Natural rectified

40x80 . 15.75"x31.5"
Gradino Angolare L Cliff
Natural rectified