Fondovalle, Spaces Collection, Stone Look, Porcelain Stoneware Slabs, Light, Multi-size

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Spaces draws its inspiration from the natural variegated texture of large slate slabs. Featuring a striking surface, enhanced by a lightweight body that accentuates its natural aesthetics, this material is ideal for outdoor areas, while the gentle lapping - leaving it soft to the touch - makes it ideal for indoor surfaces. A universal collection for homes and businesses. It can be paired with the Chalet and Dream collections to produce stylish, original designs.

Special Pieces:

5x80 . 1.97"x31.5"
Battiscopa Light
Polished rectified

40x80 . 15.75"x31.5"
Gradino Lineare M Light
Polished rectified

40x80 . 15.75"x31.5"
Gradino Angolare M Light
Polished rectified